Saturday, February 25, 2006

For Grandpa

Grandpa picked out the pretty multicolor skirts for the girls. This is why she is called Dancer Girl. Grandma picked out Little One's outfit.

Unfortunately, the one of Little One by herself came out quite blurry, and I tried to fix it. I couldn't get myself to delete it. Too pretty.

Grandpa is so proud of his girls!

You should have seen them dance in person! My sweeties are beautiful!

This is Dancer Girl wearing Little One's yellow blouse with her skirt! She says, "Which one do you like better?"

Check out the news headline on the television!

Top Story!


Tomas Dennis said...

Love you too.
Good morning.
Love the photos.
Coffee or tea?

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Tell Dancer girl that I like her top with her skirt better than the yellow one.

They are adorable and are both at such cute ages. This post may be for grandpa...but Aunt Sandy loves it too.

Alipurr said...


Motherkitty said...

Grandma feels left out. (Just kidding.)

The girls look darling in their little twirly hippy skirts and blouses. We had a good time buying them and an equally good time watching them spin.

somershade said...

I want alittle spanish skirt for myself to dance in. They are precious, love the pictures. Dancing Girl what a great name