Sunday, August 13, 2006

Birthday Pics

The first week of school has gone great! Dancer Girl and Little One have kept me very busy. Both are really enjoying school. We are starting to settle into a routine. It seems almost crazy but even with school I was able to keep up with dishes and laundry, more than usual it seemed. That is a plus. Dancer Girl's birthday celebration was fabulous. Yesterday, I finally cleared a path in my dining room, and got some of the pile of birthday things put away. Thanks to all who came. We had a wonderful time!


Leish said...

Sounds like a fun day!

Anonymous said...

I so admire the whole homeschooling thing! That's awesome! And the fact that you're still keeping the house up--wow.

Your kids are beautiful!

Alipurr said...

Thanks, yeah it was a fun day! The whole house thing totally surprised me--I am still saying wow. Now we went somewhere Saturday morning, and I still have folded clothes on my living room floor from that morning. But hey, any progress is amazing to me

Motherkitty said...

The pictures of the girls and the other kids at the party are great. I wonder who took such good pictures (most of them)? Just joking. It really was a fun party and everyone seemed to have a marvelous time.

I'm glad the schooling is going well. I always knew the girls were smart -- they take after their mother and dad. See you very soon.

Sandy Hatcher-Wallace said...

Natasha is beginning to look more grown up now and she's beautiful. Eliana is still a cutie.

Home schooling will be a breeze and you'll find that your girls will learn more and not be bothered by peer pressure. I know several parents who are home schooling now and Suzanne home schooled Matt.

somershade said...

I agree with mom Natasha looks all grown up in the photo with the boy.looked like a great party.Great photos grandma.
Glad your home schooling.
Lots of love to those adorable blessings you have there.They are so cute.What an awesome season in your life,tell hubby hello!