Thursday, August 24, 2006

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Today is your birthday, Dad, and we have been thinking about you all week. Every day when we do our calendar activity, Dancer Girl counts the days til your birthday, and then counts the days til your party. We are so excited about your party.

I have been thinking about the day you were born, and naturally I was thinking about your parents. I was thinking about your mother, and how much you must miss her. I think about about how much you missed. Then I think about your Grandmother, and all the family who loved you and took care of you. I am thankful for your Grandmother, and all the aunts and uncles, because they were your parents when your parents couldn't be there. I don't care how many times you may have felt left out or forgotten as a child, you are not forgotten now. We are not forgetting you. We are not forgetting your mother and father. I thank God for them, because without them, I wouldn't have you, and neither you nor I would be here.

Every day, I have been thinking, what special thing can I do for my Dad for his birthday? I have come up with a couple of ideas, but have not settled on anything yet. I guess you will find out :) when we see you. But I wanted you to know I love you, I think about you every day, and I am glad you are my father.

You have taught me how to be an artist. You have taught me how to see the beauty in many things. I have learned the value of working hard and doing your job with integrity and to the best of your ability from you. I have learned patience and unconditional love. I like how you wake up and look at the new day as a wonderful thing, and look for love and beauty in it. I am glad I have had a father, many children have no fathers. I am glad you and mom are still married. I am glad you value your marriage and your children. That is a valuable gift to me. I know there are many more things you have taught me.

I remember you and I sitting in a doctor's waiting room. I remember you showing me how to draw a flower. I remember you drawing me pictures to color like these. I remember you helping me learn how to write. I remember you playing with us in the yard. I remember you jumping into city lake to rescue me when I fell in. I think I was only 3. I remember thinking, Wow, Dad must really love me. Thank you for all the wonderful memories.

Thanks, Dad, for being there for me. Thank you for loving me, my husband, and my babies. I love you. Happy Birthday!

you can go to my dad's blogs(check his profile for all of them) Tomas, or to the wonderful family pages my dad has made to learn more about him and our family.


Motherkitty said...

What a beautiful birthday wish for your father. Thank you for thinking of the good things (and not the bad) and for remembering all the wonderful times we had together as a family. Yes, that's one thing we enjoyed together -- family love and family activities, we certainly did everything together as one.

I'm sorry your brother and wife could not be here with us to celebrate this special birthday.

Thank you, daughter. We love you so much.

Motherkitty said...

BTW, I love that old picture you posted. I'll bet you still have that shirt of dad's somewhere. You and brother were sooooo c.u.t.e.

Tomas Dennis said...

Love ya
thank you

somershade said...

Well I'm crying.That was
beautiful and thats what life is truely about.

Know wonder I have always
loved your dad so much.He is truely special.Happy birthday Uncle Dennis.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Happy Birthday to your dad and my brother. He is truely a remarkable man and destined to leave his mark on life with all his beautiful writings of family accounts.

Trish Milburn said...

I'm late, but Happy Birthday Tom.

Leish said...

Well now...that was so sweet. An emotional post is always wonderful to read.