Wednesday, August 02, 2006

A Girl's Thoughts About Rocks

Quote of the day:
Dancer Girl:
"Mama, I want to see a melted rock one day." Make sure you pronounce "rock" like "wok", in a little 5 yr old girl voice. When she said that, it took about 5 full seconds of digesting in my brain to realize she wasn't saying "wok", but "rock." I asked her what she meant, and she said, "Lava. It is in a volcano." Oh, lava, in a volcano. Of course I reply, "Maybe, someday," like moms do when their children ask nearly impossible to do things.

Anyway, she is technically 4.99, and not 5 yet. Friday is the official day. Saturday is party day.

So, back to this girl and rocks. She keeps saying she has a rock collection. She tells almost everyone she meets that she collects rocks. She has one favorite little black rock that she keeps losing and finding. She keeps it in the Big Green Van. The truth is, she and her sister try to pick up every little gray rock in every gravel parking lot they come to. People's driveways are not immune, either. Then you hear my voice, the mother: "Put that down. You can't just pick up rocks in parking lots everywhere you go. If you want a rock collection there are much prettier rocks ." etc etc. Yeah, that's me, dasher of hopes.

Well, anyway, I got the girl a bag of rocks for her birthday. Smooth, shiny rocks. Black ones, gray ones, white ones. I am hoping it will be one of her favorite gifts.


Sandy Hatcher-Wallace said...

The girl takes after Aunt Sandy!

The day before yesterday I took Jimmy into a parking lot just to show him a log cabin driveway. I told him that is where I used to love to pick up rocks, mainly pretty pebbles. The place was empty and we were deciding if we wanted to live there and I did only because of the rocks in the driveway.

It must be heredity. *LOL

BTW...she'll love her bag of rocks.

Motherkitty said...

What an unusual interest on Dancer Girl's part. I didn't know she was into pretty rocks and wants to see lava. She's so smart, and I love her.

What's inherited is the inate curiosity we all have about nature and the workings of natural things in this world. She's a cutie. said...

Lava Rock is at Lowes just for Natasha

Motherkitty said...

Ooooohhh, we can't wait until Saturday! The party will be so much fun. We're really excited about seeing the girls, their friends, your friends, and the happiness of all the little ones at the party. I've got my flip-flops ready and the presents will be wrapped!!!

Franny said...

That's a beautiful glad she likes 'woks' and that you are nuturing that interest. My son collects shells.