Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Beware the Quik Pirate

So,what happens when you spend the afternoon cleaning your room and reorganizing your bedroom closet? Apparently, this.....

The girls are in the bathroom right now washing themselves off. I came into the living room and Dancer Girl was holding an open container of Quik, the powdered variety, and Little One was standing in front of her literally caught brown-handed. Dancer Girl claims it was all Little One's idea. Maybe the fresh blueberries all over my kitchen floor earlier and the experiments with the leftover sugar cookie dough in the fridge (how did they even find that? I thought no one but me knew it was in there.) should have warned me of bigger things to come. But I was distracted. A girl with a mission.

For any of you who know me and have been to my house, my bedroom is the room you would not dare enter. After my closet was emptied after last year's tornado drill (another story) and becoming a refuge for my husband's poor old falling apart favorite old gold $15 yard sale recliner, well, my room, was pretty much un-navigatable. Well I am not sure that was spelled right, but anyway, you could barely get in the door, and there was a path to the bed, and that was it. No kidding.

So today was the day. The girls are on Fall Break, and the urge hit me. Here are pictures of my closet and my dresser (both after pictures of course). There are no final big pictures yet, because, though I am almost done, I had to stop to deal with the chocolate pirates.

Seeing them obviously in the middle of their chocolate endeavor would usually make me mad and time-outs would be doled out to everyone. But today, I grabbed the camera and decided to blog about it. After all, it is always a good day when I clean my room.

6 comments: said...

Well it is a good thing you removed the carpet when you did. I remember my sister and I made donuts at our friends house. This was the same year she cut my hair.
I love the photos Heather,Franny and Jellhead have nothing on you.

Motherkitty said...

Oh, my sweet little chocolate babydoll. What a day you've all had.

Your bedroom dresser and closet look awesome! Can't wait to see it tomorrow.

Sandy Hatcher-Wallace said...

AWE...this post brings back memories of my young mothering days.
A chuckle is in order.
Thank goodness for the camera and can now share this experience with the whole family. I had to cry & laugh in silence in my day.

What a cute little Quik pirate!

somershade said...

What a great photo and great job in the bedroom closet.xxxooo to the girls for me

Ciardra said...

Good luck. I don't clean unless the dust bunnies start attacking.

Apron Thrift Girl said...

And how cute is that photo! I can imagine the mess they made but that photo is just too cute for words. Well done on your organizing. Everything you did in your room looks fantastic.