Thursday, October 05, 2006

Mom and Daughter Night

Last night turned out to be a nice quiet night around here. After a busy day of running around-- to story hour, trip to doctor's offices to get prenatal care started, lunch, out to a music rehearsal, then back home. Little One hasn't napped in the afternoon in a long time (I gave up trying long ago), and on some nights she goes to sleep as early as 7 pm. Well, today she must have been really tired because she has been asleep since 6pm, and only woke up briefly before going back to sleep.

So Dancer Girl and I had a snuggly evening watching a movie, eating ice cream, playing Go Fish, painting our fingernails and toenails. It seemed to go by very quickly, but it was very nice just having time with my oldest daughter. She is 5 now and is very busy and growing so fast.

I think back to when she was an infant and how attached to me she was. She was an avid nurser and her favorite way to get to sleep, apart from nursing, was to be danced to sleep. No rocking or sitting still for her. Not much singing either. She just wanted to move, move, move. I have to add that she was very particular. It had to be human hands. The very lovely swing that was a gift for her was barely used. You would think she would have loved it, but no.

So it wasn't very long before I learned to use the sling someone had given me. Little Dancer Girl was so happy snuggled up to me. And there she stayed until Little One was born. Dancer Girl was so happy to share mommy and her milkies. I tried really hard to keep up snuggle time with her, but you know how that goes. Besides, she was too busy running, spinning, & dancing....

So tonite was nice. It was sweet to have my big girl snuggle with me on my lap, having big girl conversations.

Anyway, I suppose I must go back to bed, though I am not sure there will be any room. As usual, both girls ended up in my bed, and if I looked right now, at least one will be sprawled perpendicularly. At this point, sweet husband and I don't worry about it too much, though I am sure there is some clucking, finger wagging, and head shaking going on out there. Those babies are only little for so long, and they grow up so fast. I am going to let mine snuggle as much as they want, for the time being.


Tomas Dennis said...

Sitting and just being, loving. God given qualities of life. A warm heart to feel the warmth. That is all the kittens needed.
That is why I love the quote, "Stop and smell the Roses."
Take Care
Love ya

Motherkitty said...

Your babies aren't babies any more. They have grown up so fast and it's hard to keep up with them. Can't wait to see you and the girls today. And, the baby kitties. Love you.

Alissa said...

Sounds like a wonderful evening. I rarely get one-on-one time with either of my kids, so when I do it'a real treat. They're only little for a short while.

Leish said...

No finger wagging here! I love it when my son crawls into my bed! I know he won't be doing that forever...

You're a lovely mom.

Your post made me feel all emotional...warm fuzzies!

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

You're right...they're only little for just a short while but they'll always love to snuggle with their mommy & daddy. You'll have to get a king sized bed when baby #3 comes along or you may already have one.

It's so nice that you got to spend time with just Dancer Girl.

Mama Lamba said...

Oh, SNIFF!!! (preg. hormones ;-) Don't feel bad about your li'l squatters in your bed. We've had *someone* sleeping with us for (gasp) over 12 years now. We just kept getting bigger beds, LOL. Tater Tot now sleeps in his bed at the end of our bed, so it's just The Ram and I now--for a few more weeks. Then, bring on the party, again! HUGS to you. Glad you had a sweet Mommy and Big Girl time.