Friday, October 13, 2006

Thank You

I just wanted to say thank you to my mom and dad for all they did for me yesterday. Mom cleaned and scrubbed my kitchen, including dishes, while Dad and I loaded up his truck with our old carpet from the living room and an old cabinet with rusty nails.

A couple of weekends ago I came home from my Aunt's birthday celebration (Abandoned in Pasadena), my husband had surprised me by ripping up the old carpet in my living room to reveal beautiful hardwood floors. The cabinet was on the back patio and was leftover from when our A/C had to be replaced due to lightning strike and therefore we had to replace our old fuse box and the electrician said the cabinet over the fuse box had to go.

Anyway, Dad and I took all this stuff to the local dump/transfer station while my mom loaded my dishwasher and worked on my kitchen. When we got back, we all went to a local pizza place that has a huge kids playroom with balls and a slide, etc. After we got back to my house, my mom cleaned and scrubbed my laundry room, which is where the kittens and the really gross cat litter was.

I woke up this morning, started some laundry, unloaded the dishwasher, and started to put away all the clean dishes all over my counter and in my dishwasher. I know I may have seemed stressed and ungrateful yesterday, but I wanted to let you know that everything you did is greatly appreciated.

I found out last night that the girls and I are going to get to go see my husband's grandmothers on Friday and Saturday. One of his grandmothers has early Alzheimer's and her health has fluctuated a lot recently. She was in a nursing home for a while but now is living near my husband's uncle. His other grandmother is in really good health most of the time, even though she is 90. We don't get to see either one very much, so these will be really good visits.

The point is that it will be good to be able to leave for a couple of days and know that because of my parents' help I won't be coming back home to such a huge mess. I always tease and scold my mom because if she starts cleaning she just takes over and won't stop and talk and visit or anything. I keep telling her, Don't wear yourself out. Please stop so we can visit. This is why most of the time I don't let mom clean when she visits. We kind of have a truce. When I let her clean, she cleans and cleans and cleans and won't stop. And then there are visits when I say, Mom, you can't touch anything. ha ha . I know that is very hard for her.

Mom and Dad, I love you very much and know you would do anything for me. I really appreciate that and am glad that God chose you guys as my parents.

Go here to see a couple of pics of our family from the 70's. For whatever reason, good ol' Blogger won't let me upload them, but my dad has them here....

The first one is me when I was about Dancer Girl's age, standing at the door waiting for my dad to get home from work

The second one is my mom and my brother when he was about 11 mos old. Since my brother and I are only 18 mos apart, technically I am in that picture too, in Motherkitty's belly.

Check out my dad's sideburns and my mom's cool square glasses.

love you, mom and dad


AlmstHvn said...


WOW... those pictures caused flashbacks - I think our dad's had the same hairstyle :)

Yay for awesome parents :)


Anonymous said...

Your parents are awesome!

And you sound like a wonderful daughter.

That makes a perfect family, right?

Franny said...

Holy moly! I never saw mutton chops quite like that!

So nice of your parents to lend a hand when you needed it. Two years ago I ripped up all the carpet while my hubby was at work. Imagine his shock when he got home!

Oh, and loved the Quik picture!!!

Sandy Hatcher-Wallace said...

I agree....You do have GREAT PARENTS.

Lisa-Anne said...

Oh my gosh Allison! You are a perfect mix of your parents!!! (and gorgeous to boot!) It freaks me out to look at pictures of my mom at my age, sometimes it feels like looking in a mirror. :)
YAY for your awesome mom and dad!!! If I were there, I'd buy them some bbq and ice cream just for being so nice! :)
Love ya,