Monday, September 26, 2005

Is September Over Yet?

Four days left in September. Part of me is trying to feel really optimistic that a new month might bring something exciting and unexpected, some relief. But then I remember the hurricanes....Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. And I dwell on the families without homes, without electricity, without loved ones, without telephones, without plumbing, without banks, without post offices, without grocery cetera, et cetera. I ponder these things with a heavy heart, knowing I really have no clue what real loss is, no clue how most of these displaced human beings really feel. I have no real idea of how to help them, but I have great faith in the resilience (sp?) of the human race. When I think of wars, and families with loved ones at war, I wonder how are they getting by without their loved ones. I think of places like China, with such hateful disrespect for human beings. I think of places like Israel and Palestine, and how Abraham's two sons' descendants (cousins) are at war with each other. And I think of how children are blissfully ignorant children are of all the yuck in the world....Enough of me, here are some thoughts from Dancer Girl....

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