Thursday, September 22, 2005

Moon Shadows and Stoplights

This week has been full of questions from four year old Dancer Girl. Why are there moon shadows? (following the recent Why is the moon a crescent? question) Also, Why are there stoplights? Why are they red and green and yellow?

Of course I can't quite capture the original inflections here. I love these questions she asks. I love her curiousity. It keeps me on my toes (no wait, that's pretend ballet class....)

Long Hair Proud Daddy found a really cool site that showed the earth rotating from space... We also did some fun things with flashlights and balls, to show shadows and light, night and day on the earth. Dancer Girl was very interested in the fact that some people are asleep on one side of the world and awake on the other. Fun with flashlights never ends-- both Little Sister Girl and Dancer Girl LOVE flashlights. Big Fat Kitty doesn't jump as high as she did when she was a kitten....

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