Tuesday, December 27, 2005

For Aunt Sandy

This is for my Aunt Sandy, my dad's sister. She wrote to tell me she could hear a pin drop in the blog silence of kittenyarn and motherkitty. This is from dancer girl....
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from little sister...
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From me....one good thing about being sick for christmas is that christmas will last longer. We will get to leave the tree up longer. We will be able to visit grandparents and celebrate christmas long after everyone else is done with it. We will still be opening presents in January.

Other good news...I called to find out the balance for my gas bill (because we thought we were going to be late), and I found out that we paid our bill already. Woo Hoo! Alright, you may scoff if you like. Who forgets that they paid a bill? Well, if you have had a month like we have had, you would forget lots of things, too. Anyway, it is good to know someone is thinking of you. Thank You, Aunt Sandy. I Love You.

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