Saturday, December 03, 2005


I can feel it already. The gravity-pulling, quickly accelerating snowball of Christmas-like activity. I took one look at my calendar and said, one week to get that done, Motherkitty party here, birthday party there....It feels as if Christmas is tomorrow. Well, it is not. And, I am going to spend the month enjoying getting ready for it. I will teach my daughters Christmas carols, we will send out a newsletter, we will buy gifts in honor of the Christ-child's birth, set up our nativity set. As a personal Christmas tradition, I will get out my music, guitar, and keyboard and "practice" Christmas carols. I guess this is mostly for myself right now, because even though I am a trained musician (oboe), guitar and keyboard are challenges for me. Anyone who sings along with my strumming and plunking has to sing verrrry slowly. O come, all yeee (pause....strum) faithful....etc. etc. Well, I don't care, one of these years, I will figure it out, and maybe practice these songs more than November and December. (Click the music to go to a page where you can print your own Christmas carols to practice.) Anyway, Christmas is about the celebration of the birth of Christ for me. I look at all the wonderful things in our world that we have as a result of his birth and I am thankful. Christ has been a very positive influence in the world. You will note here that I am not including people who have called themselves followers of Christ, but have been nothing like Him. They will be accountable to Him for their own words and actions, as will I. Christ is the Messiah, He was a perfect man and God, and I am glad that He was born. Anyway, I look at the beautiful lights and think of the Light of the World. I think of all the gifts bought for others, and I am thinking that He doesn't mind us celebrating His birthday this way, thinking of others. Thinking of others is exactly what Jesus did His whole life, and that is what He does now. He is thinking of you and me. I will buy you a gift and think of Him.

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