Friday, March 03, 2006

Hubby's Doctor Visit

My husband gave me permission to share this info he sent me in an e-mail today to tell me what the doctor said. He has been sick all week, bad sore throat, etc. Apparently he was pretty bad or he would not have gone to the doctor. So, since he doesn't have his own blog, and I thought it was funny, here it is:

Temp.: 102.3

Blood Press.: "Slightly elevated"

Heart Rate: 128 ("Very high"), causing him to check my oxygen levels,
which were OK at 96.

Chest X-Ray: "Mostly clear" (now he's a weatherman)

WBC Count: "Elevated"

Other: "I'm concerned that these symptoms keep returning and persist
so long." Join the club.
"signs of dehydration," "signs of sinus infection," "breathing
*very* raspy," (gasp)
"obvious signs of throat irritation" (duh. Remember, he went
to school for this.)

Contagious: Yes, for at least 48 hrs.

Instructions: Get the fever down in order to reduce body aches/dehydration
and increase appetite.
Use inhaler, eat, drink, rest, Levaquin (levofloxacin) 750 Mg
for 10 days.
"Very potent antibiotic." Right. He said that the last two
times he gave me meds, too.
"If you're not better by Monday, come back." (sigh)

Prognosis: "Sounds like you may lose your voice for a couple of days,
but hopefully you'll get better." (rolls eyes)

It's not often I meet a doctor I don't want to punch in the mouth.
Relatively speaking, I really like this guy. I just hate having to pay him
to tell me the bleeding obvious.

He did give me $100 of free antibiotics, which partially atones for the $473
he cost us in December.

So I hope you feel better Sweetie. We gotta make to next week and our Ten Year Wedding Anniversary. I got you a bottle of NyQuil.....just teasing.


Motherkitty said...

Get well soon, long hair daddy. Sorry you're sick.

Alipurr said...

I am very bummed that you guys are not going to be able to come today. I guess it is for the best with your knee surgery coming up. You don't need to get sick at all. You don't need to be exposed to what hubby has. we love you, everybody say their prayers, i have not told the girls yet that grandma and grandpa aren't coming...

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

I'm sending get well wishes and prayers to long haired daddy in hopes of a speedy recovery.

Is he that contagious that he communicates with you by email?

Tomas Dennis said...

We have all the time in the world lumped together in one precise moment. We will patiently wait for that time to come around again.

The Four Bears in the Woods said...

So sorry to hear hubby is sick. Hope he gets well soon. Good health wishes to you all. Mama Bear

Alipurr said...

actually he has been sleeping at his office, a in p, so i guess, yes, he is so contagious that we are mostly communicating through instant messaging and e-mail, i am not lmao