Sunday, March 19, 2006

The party was a hit!

Hurray! Little One's birthday party was wonderful! It has been so great to have so many friends and family visit. The children had a wonderful time. They loved making bean bags and icing their own cupcakes. They loved the bubble machine and the balloons. In a little while, everyone will get up, and the family will meet for breakfast before they head on the road home.

On Friday night the girls and I got to go swimming in the hotel pool. My Dancer Girl has been looking forward to doing that for almost a year. She is so grown up. Both girls had on their life jackets, but Dancer Girl just jumped in and started swimming. Last year in the pool she was timid, but I was so proud to see her just swim around on her own. It will be a fun summer now that Motherkitty and Tomas (my mom and dad) and Long Hair Daddy's parents both have a pool.

The next big events are Motherkitty's birthday and upcoming knee replacement surgery and a possible visit from my brother from California. She and I are both very nervous about it, but are optimistic that it will go well. Hopefully my brother and his wife will be able to come in. I miss him so much, and I don't want the girls to grow up without knowing him. Dancer Girl remembers him, but Little One only saw him when she was less than a year old, so she may have to meet him "for the first time."

Her favorite gift was this ball.

Your prayers for everyone's safe travels and safe surgeries would be appreciated. I would like to be with mom for her surgery, but am unsure if I will be able to arrange childcare for a couple of days. I am sure it will all work out, though. Thank you to everyone who helped with the party and who came to visit, you know who you are :)

I love you all, and you have made me very happy!


Trish Milburn said...

Glad the party went well. Looks like my sis and the girls will be coming for a visit soon.

Alipurr said...

that's great, trish. i'll bet your the best aunt there ever was!!!

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

You sure know how to throw a great childrens party...the kids were all so happy and looked like they enjoyed every minute...especially that bubble machine & baloon dancing.

Wish you could have spent more time at the motel with the rest of the family...we had a ball there.

Alipurr said...

Me too, A in P, but the girls were exhausted, and we went to bed at 9:30. Little One slept at the restaurant as you know, but she barely woke up and fell asleep again after we got home.Then when she finally woke up, it was time to eat dinner, and then everyone was sleepy again. I was hoping to see everyone at breakfast, but I know we will see each other again, maybe when my brother comes in from California.

The Four Bears in the Woods said...

We just wanted to say what a great time we had and thank you for inviting us. That was a great party you had for Little One. I loved the ideals you had with the bubble machine and icing their own cakes. I know Baby Bear seemed to have a good time. We enjoyed watching the kids you could tell they really enjoyed it.

We are sorry we missed Cracker Barrel.. and like you said.. there will be other times I'm sure.

Your little ones are adorable.

Mama Bear

Alipurr said...

thanks 4Bears, we had a great time, and i am glad you came

jellyhead said...

I'm really glad you had such a happy weekend. You must have gone to a lot of trouble to make the party so much fun for all the children, and of course especially for Little Sister. Alipurr, you sound like such a thoughtful person! (just like your dear mother)