Monday, November 28, 2005

Fun E-Cards

Well, Dancer Girl, Little Sister Girl and I have found a new hobby. We like to look at e-cards together. Last night we sent one to my brother (Happy Birthday, Unca Eee-eye), a get well card to Long Hair Daddy, and one to Grandma. The girls and I love scrolling through the cards and watching the previews. Little Sister Girl tries very desparately to click the mouse. We have one of those fancy mice with extra side buttons and a scroll button in the middle, and she has a very difficult time clicking the correct button. Then again she is doing great for being only 20 months old. The popular "I do it!" is heard many times around here. This week she decided she was going to pick her own clothes, and put them on herself. She is very curious, and wants to zip zippers, flip light switches, press buttons, and climb into her car seat all by herself. She is also learning to take turns with her sister, because they inevitably always want the same toy or doll. She is learning to use words to tell us what she wants, because I just can't understand "Aaaaagghhh!" or "Waaaaa!" It is also very cute to watch her play Patty Cake with her dolls. She'll get a doll or stuffed animal, try to pat their hands or paws together, and say "Pada Pat, Pada Pat, Pada Pat". I have got to get some more tapes for my video camera.

Dancer Girl has been.....dancing. Surprise, surprise! She has been making me sit down to be her audience for various recitals, even more than usual. I think she is having withdrawal symptoms, because her ballet and gymnastics classes have been cancelled or postponed recently due to tornadoes (2 weeks ago), and the Thanksgiving holiday. She is also so, so, so excited because Long Hair Daddy decided to move all of his stuff out of his study, and give this room to the girls for a playroom/schoolroom. Dancer Girl calls it her Schoolroom, and loves it. She and Little Sister have been spending a lot of time there. So, if you come to my house, you will notice a considerable difference in the number of toys in the living room. Hurray! I also moved a lot of things out of their bedroom into the Play-School Room, and that room is less crowded now too. The only big thing left to do is finish reorganizing (okay, my bedroom. In my defense, I have to say, it didn't help when we had a Tornado Warning a couple of weeks ago. We unloaded my whole closet, and guess what? Well, it'll all get done eventually. I was talking to a friend on the phone last night, and she said there probably going to be tornado activity moving into our area today. So there, I have planned ahead. My closet is already ready, in case of a tornado warning.

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Motherkitty said...

This was very nice. Thanks to you and the girls for the cute card. We love all the "progress" the girls are making, but are sad they are growing up so fast. We would like them to stay little girls, but know that's not possible. Time marches on.

P.S. I have a cold also. Not good.