Friday, November 18, 2005

One Good Thing

breasts are for....

Ok, I don't know where this video came from, but as a nursing mom, I find this hilarious. I guess most people who are into labels would call what I do something like Ecological Breastfeeding or Attachment Parenting or something like that. I think nursing babies is the best, it's what God designed Mamas to do. However, I understand and sympathize with anyone who has tried and found it overwhelming, challenging, painful, and discouraging enough to give it up. I have found that determination and education and (the right) womanly support is essential (thank you, Motherkitty). I also realized that all the nurses in the hospital that you meet may not have been nursing mothers, so though they may have a medical education, they are not really equipped all the time to help a new mom(light bulb moment for me). I say, if you are pregnant, and really want to nurse your babies, you should read, read, read, and line up some mamas to call upon who have successfully nursed a baby. I have friends who have had preemies and tried to nurse, and despite everything their milk didn't come in. I have a friend who wanted to nurse, but a severe recurring case of mastitis when the baby was three weeks caused her to quit. For times like these, I am glad that there is formula. I have also watched friends who said they really wanted to nurse their babies follow well meaning advice, and I could see that it would lead to very early weaning for them. But sometimes, you just can't butt into other people's stuff. I also know of one marriage that was severely affected because the wife was into attachment parenting and ecological breastfeeding and the husband didn't wholly agree and felt neglected enough to start an online relationship with another woman. This of course is just my opinion, because I don't know for sure why their marriage split up. But then again, common sense says that one of the most important things would be that the husband and wife agree on the care of their child. It is also important to protect your relationship with your spouse. So anyway, Long Hair Daddy and I try to re-evaluate our parenting choices every so often, and recalibrate. If it weren't for his support and love, I don't think nursing would have gone as well for me, or parenting in general, for that matter. For the most part, we are extremely happy with our parenting choices. Our reward is our two beautiful, healthy, and intelligent daughters. Who could ask for anything more?

For breastfeeding information and support, check out the La Leche League site, and don't forget to see if there is a group near you. When my babies were born, there was not a group in my town, so my friend started our own nursing moms group. Though it wasn't La Leche, it has been one of the best resources I have had for parenting. Click on my picture nursing Beautiful Baby to get to the La Leche site. Or click here For attachment parenting info, check out pediatrician Dr. William Sears site, or click the baby-wearing Mama (coming soon...that picture apparently not scanned in).


Motherkitty said...

How sweet! A little girl I know looks very well nourished and happy. I can hear her say, "other side, other side." One of my three little fishies. Breast-fed babies always smell so sweet and clean. You just want to kiss them and snuggle. Meow.

Anonymous said...

Kudos, my dear! Thanks for speaking up for breastfeeding and attachment parenting! I did AP with my second child, and it felt so right and much more natural than what I did with my first. Love the video!