Tuesday, November 01, 2005


I love Thanksgiving. I love getting together with family. I love the food. I love the noise. I love the cooking. I love the eating. I love everyone sitting around watching football or movies. I love playing games with family and talking. On this note, I think this is the year when we officially start having a big Thanksgiving at our home, instead of just going to all the grandparents' houses. I think Motherkitty is finally ready to relinquish a small part of the traditional duties to me, even though I think she might change her mind at the last minute. We might even have the celebration at our house....this sounds better and better all the time. It will be a good motivation to get my house all cleaned up. I have really gotten behind lately with sick kiddos, and busy schedules, etc. None of us really know what the etc. is, but it really does a whopper to my house. Anyway, the big to do list today includes hiding all the leftover candy from yesterday, putting away lots of laundry; and, drum roll, please... finding all of the living room floor.

to do list update (Friday am): I can see most of the living room floor, hurray! I am going to vacuum today. Yesterday I cleaned the bathroom,got the dishes caught up (if you went in my kitchen you can see the almost all of the counters-- I am not counting the one covered in art supplies and coloring books and mail, oh my!), bagged up the garbage, and washed some towels. Dancer Girl and Little Sister Girl were a BIG help! Thank you, Sweet Girls!

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Motherkitty said...

Giving up control -- arghhhhh! I can still nuke some things for five minutes at your house, can't I? I can still change my mind at the last minute, can't I??? Does this mean that I actually have to write down recipes for you instead of just having them in my head??? Please refer to my post on my site about Thanksgiving.