Thursday, April 20, 2006

The doctor said mom doesn't have to wear the leg brace all day anymore, just at night. She is doing her first week of physical therapy, five days a week. She is getting stronger every day, though when I have talked to her right after her PT, she is pretty wiped out and ready for a nap. Pretty understandable considering she has not been home from the hospital one week yet. She is using the ice pack machine on her leg, which helps with her swelling, I am sure. Today, mom and dad went out to eat lunch after physical therapy, and I think it was the first time they have eaten out since the surgery. I called while they were at the restaurant. Hopefully I will be able to go and visit within the next week. Tentatively, in my head I think this Friday afternoon and Saturday will work.

I just got my van back this morning, and the girls and I didn't waste any time. We got out of the house right away. We went to Story Hour at the library, through the Wendy's drive-through, and straight to Wal-Mart. By the time we got home the girls were pretty tired. Little One fell asleep right away. Dancer Girl and I read books, played Candy Land and Go Fish until Little One woke up. We also ate some Easter candy. Marshmallow bunnies, yum. Dancer Girl was so tired that she fell asleep on me around five o'clock. So, I decided to watch the news. Woo-hoo. I woke up the girls a little before 6 so Dancer Girl could go to her choir. After that we visited the Golden Arches, and came home for a late dinner/snack, and then to bed.

Husband called from the road after midnight to say he and his brother are on their way home from eastern Ky. My thoughts and prayers are with them on their 8 hour drive home. It is possible I will not sleep much tonite.

gotta go, hear, Mama, Mama to Mommy Duty


doubleknot said...

So glad to hear that Motherkitty is doing so well. I am sure she enjoyed getting to eat out.
You and your girls must have had a wonderful time. Glad you got your van back.

doubleknot said...

Oh I forgot - a little prayer for your hubby's safe return.

bornfool said...

I'm glad your mom is doing better. I knew she was too strong for this to keep her down long.

Congrats on being mobile again. :)

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

MK & grandpa will be so glad to see you & the girls and I bet they can hardly wait.

Glad to hear MK & Tomas went out to eat...that's a good sign. Thanks for the update.

The brothers will do fine on their's nice to see that they travel together.

Franny said...

Thanks for the update. We all want her to be well and blogging again!