Friday, April 21, 2006

Friday Plans

Husband is sleeping in, and girls are watching Blue's Clues. It is a very rainy day. The kind that makes you not want to go anywhere. I was hoping to go to the Friday Friends group a friend of mine invited me to. She lives around the corner and down the street from me and we have known each other since our older girls were 8-12 mos old. Our younger children were born on the same day, about 4 hours apart. Anyway, she goes to the local First Baptist Church where this group meets. It is a small group and I have had a lot of fun going the couple of times I was able to go. The girls have a lot of fun playing with the children, too.

After that I was hoping to go to my mom and dad's house. I have to wash some clothes first, and make sure husband has a ride to and from his office and other work site. I can't leave him stranded. When all the loose ends are tied up, I guess we will be on the road. I have not checked the weather, and I hope the rain stops tomorrow so the girls can play outside some at Grandma's (motherkitty).

This is Friday, so it is garbage day. Yippee. Today I also totally cleaned out the cat litter pan (yuck) so I can start letting the cats back inside the house some. Little Duchess is about ready to pop with baby kittens, so I need to get a place cleaned out in my laundry room for her. I didn't get the carport swept off after hubby mowed, so I also had to sweep and re-sweep the floor because I kept tracking in wet grass and leaves from outside.

So I fed the kids, took out the garbage, had my cup of tea. I had better get off my bottom and get dressed and get going. Must get off the computer and get the kids ready to go. Maybe I will just check my email first.....

photo courtesy of Still Memory


doubleknot said...

Wow and I thought I had a busy day so far - a trip to the Towers for a cat scan, and we got the girls last night so we have had them - not nearly long enough though.
Hope your Friday turns out nice - and it stops raining - send that rain to us down here we sure could use it.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Hope that you get to go to your friends group...sounds fun for you & the girls.
And give your mom & dad a BIG hug and kisses from me & Jimmy...I'm sure that they both need them about now.

Alipurr said...

got to go to friends group, am at motherkitty's house right now-
made her a pot of chili, & she scuffled over & stirred the pot & tasted it, & said it was good-
can't ask for much more
she played Go Fish with Dancer Girl,
read Pooh to Little One,
all this after physical therapy & getting her staples out

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

I'm so glad that you are there to brighten MK's spirits and to lighten the load on Tomas. I'm sure MK really appreciated the chili...sounds really good. It's cool enough here for chili today...It got colder as the day went on.

I took Brian to the dentist yesterday and spent the day with him and then was joined by Reva & Brandon.
Today Brian came over before I was out of bed and spent half the day with me while Reva had a heart ultrasound done...then she came over. I really love it when the kids come to I know that your mom & dad are loving your visit.
I didn't mean to leave Suzanne out. She was here yesterday also and today she went to get a haircut at Sharon's.