Monday, January 16, 2006

Babies are gifts from God

A friend of mine just had a beautiful baby boy.I thank God for my friend and her beautiful family. We just got back from my parents and my husband's houses for a belated Christmas. I thank God that we are all finally well and got to visit everyone. I will probably be busy all week making room around the house for all the nice Christmas presents we all got. So the big things I will be doing this month will be reorganizing at home and getting ready for Long Hair Daddy's birthday. This spring Dancer Girl will continue with ballet and gymnastics, and Singer Girl will have her big #2 birthday in March. Home-schooling will officially start for Dancer Girl in the fall, even though I am trying to incorporate a routine in our schedule, with school time a few times a week, which she loves. I have to admit that it is a challenge, and there some things that are much easier to do when the little one is napping. I am also trying to schedule a lot more time with the TV off, which some days doesn't really happen. There are many things I want to type, but I keep getting distracted, so I will save some of my thoughts for later....

Jeremiah 29:11

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Motherkitty said...

I am happy you had such a nice, belated visit with us. Thanks for all the nice presents. We enjoyed your visit and seeing the girls getting so excited over their gifts. Wish my camera was working so I could have captured the look on Little Sister's face when Mr. Potato Head's face exploded! Priceless.

Tell husband that Dancer Girl's pictures were very cute.