Sunday, January 01, 2006


can't think which tune this goes to....
words something like Sailing sailing, hmm hmmm hmmm hm hm hmmm

Blogging blogging, blogging rhymes with clogging
blogging clogging right along....
unclogging cloggy drains......

Blogging blogging, blogging clogging schlogging
Sticky ooey gooey stuff...
cleaning out my drain...

and there you go.....aren't you glad you wanted to know my innermost thoughts?


jellyhead said...

I don't know all sounds kind of ...messy and moist!
Have you got any other, DRIER thoughts?!

By the way, did I imagine it, or have you just changed your blog again?

Motherkitty said...

She asked that we write a verse about our favorite pastime,
And what is that, you ask, a couplet that oughta rhyme?
Why, it?s a poem in so many words, all about blogging,
One that could be compared, methinks, with clogging.
Now clogging is a dance, you know, performed by boy and girl,
While blogging is a groovy journal with its own unique URL.
We hunt and we peck to find just the right words to post,
And if we kicked off our shoes, we could write to the utmost.
Now clogging is a crazy dance, sorta like pounding the boards,
Performed in front of a group of enthusiastic hordes.
So if you like blogging, or if you like clogging, every day of the week,
Then get busy writing or dancing, for you?ve got an audience to tweak.

Alipurr said...

yes, again, hubby picked the other one for me yesterday, and i guess i am in just one of those moods....i was having problems with my original template, and you should have seen the ones i rejected