Friday, January 06, 2006

Many thoughts

My mind is full of many thoughts right now. A little joy, a little excitement, a little fear, a little worry, a lot of hope. Thank God that we are all feeling a lot better. Long Hair Daddy was really sweet today and decided to take the girls to his hair appointment with him. They absolutely loved it, so I hear. Little Dancer Girl got her hair washed, blow-dried and got a little trim. The whole time Little Sister Girl was reported to continually say things like, "My turn," and "I do it, too!" I am actually too sleepy to remember the exact account from Dear Sweet Hubby. Our hairdresser was very proud as Little Sister, who is not even two yet, sat very still & happy as she got her hair brushed & fixed (no haircut for her yet). Afterwords, he took them to Burger King for a fun time eating and frolicking in the play area. I hardly knew what to do with the time by myself. Let's just say that the house looked exactly the same when they got back as when they left! Big things are happening tomorrow, & the next few weeks are promising to be roller coasters around here. But a little optimism goes a long way. In other news, the tree is down, and the Christmas decorations are put away. Now the big question long will the plastic bins of Christmas things stay in the dining room? I actually used my sewing machine this week, and that is great! I find that sewing for me comes in spurts, and now that it is out, I can feel the inspiration for finishing a few projects coming. I've got lots of ideas. Who knows what will happen.

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Sandy Hatcher-Wallace said...

I hope that you eventually tell us about the big things that are've got me curious.