Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Just a moment, Dear...

I'll have dinner ready in a few minutes.

Don't you wish we could all feel this angelic while tending to all of our motherly duties? This girl makes it look so easy. Soft and pretty, too. Peaceful, even. Hey, where can I get a job as an artist's model? I can do that! I only have two children, but I bet I can get the same effect!

Somebody probably even feeds her grapes, too.


Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Look how close those children are in age...somebody probably does feed her grapes.

Franny said...

LMFAO! That is my life, with the 3 kids - they climb all over me EXACTLY like that when mommy is trying to have a little snack and they want it.

However, I don't look that peaceful, and my hair would be sticking up all over the place.

Alipurr said...

franny, i am so happy that it made you laugh. the whole thing was supposed to be funny, because how calm and peaceful can you feel with 3 kids climbing all over you, one of them nursing? This is not to make fun of motherhood, i love being a mom, and i love my kids on me, most of the time. This is just to evoke that drained feeling we get sometimes

doubleknot said...

Catching up on reading posts - after have three little ones for two days and two little ones for two more days and a grumpy grandpa I have to laugh at that picture - only a model could do that.

Alipurr said...

doubleknot, that is exactly why i posted that picture with silly caption, was hoping to make some of us moms laugh

somershade said...

Love that,you do make it look that peaceful,I've seen u in action.xxxooo

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