Monday, May 15, 2006


We did it! We surprised Motherkitty! Dancer Girl, Little One and I showed up at Motherkitty's house yesterday with roses for Mother's Day. And, boy, was she surprised! Tomas, too. She said, Let's go out to eat. So we headed for the local pizza joint, & then we went to a local store because Motherkitty (aka Grandma, around here) wanted to buy the girls something. So we went back to MK's house with leftover pizza, new puzzles and games, and chocolate snacks, thanks to Tomas (aka Grandpa). We will sleep over 'til Tuesday, then go back home. Dancer Girl has gymnastics Tuesday afternoon. The girls kept lots of secrets this week, my Mother's Day present from them and my husand(a shiny, sparkly), and our surprise trip to Grandma's. For 2 and 4 yrs old, that's pretty good.

Mom is getting around pretty good, sometimes with no walker, sometimes with. She needed no assistance at night this time, and I think she is fixing Dancer Girl breakfast in the kitchen right now. The girls woke up this morning and the first thing they wanted to do was climb in bed with snuggly Grandma. That was a sweet picture(though no pix were taken).

Have a good Monday.

7 comments: said...

Thanks gang

Cathy said...

I'm so happy your mom had a good mother's day. Nothing better than grandkids to brighten a mood. Going out to eat and shopping all in one day? She is doing wonderful!

Your mom is so lucky that she has you, and such a good husband.

Franny said...

Happy Mother's Day!

My son memorized a song for me and sang it over and over and over all weekend. It was the cutest thing.

Anyhow, glad to be back. I will be catching up on your blogs over the next few days.

doubleknot said...

Sounds like the perfect Mother's Day. Glad you all had fun.

Sandy Hatcher-Wallace said...

I'm amazed at how both the girls managed to keep such secrets...but they knew they were supposed to be surprises...happy surprises.

I'm so happy that you showed up and surprised your mom on Mother's Day...I bet she probably shed a tear of happiness.
Your parents are wonderful and they're the only two you have...but I think you already know that.

manababies said...

Aw, what a great Mother's Day!

somershade said...

I really can't hardle stand to keep a surprise secret myself,good job girls.What a blessing of a day. xxxooo to the girls for me,thanks