Monday, May 01, 2006

Visiting & Helping

I am at Motherkitty's house until Wednesday. Tomas is off to his retired federal employees convention. Little One & I are here, and Dancer Girl is home with Daddy and Uncle Brent for an adventure of her own. I haven't seen mom in 1.5 weeks, and the difference in her progress is amazing. She is 200% better. Better in moving around, better in pain. She is walking pretty quick(with her fancy red walker), and it surprised me. I am pretty proud. She is finishing her shower, and we will be going to physical therapy after lunch. Have a good day


Sandy Hatcher-Wallace said...

So Glad to hear of Motherkitty's improvement and it's nice that you came over to care for her a while. I think Tomas needs a little break and MK probably needs new company too.*LOL* And possibly a new menu as well. :))

Take care and keep us updated.

DB said...

Glad to hear Motherkitty's doing so well.

doubleknot said...

What would we do without hospital beds at home. The kids seem to love them. Steve used to let the kids sit next to him and raise it up and down.
Sounds like Motherkitty is making good progress. Little One looks like she is enjoying the attention.